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The College motto is presented in the form of a shield depicting two islands and the steering wheel of a ship above the ocean between two islands. Above the wheel is a star.

The islands represent the islands we come from. We are people of the islands. The Ocean in between the two islands is rough. In trying to sail from one island to another, or from one stage in life to another we will meet hardship, anxiety, frustration and fear.  Our work is shored into ministry.

In the centre of the motto is the ship’s steering wheel. This wheel is a vital part of a ship. We are in this ship being steered by this wheel towards our destiny. The wheel is made up of many spokes. The spokes represent each one of us. The spokes are joined to a smaller wheel in the center, called the hub which keeps the spokes in their proper place giving the whole wheel strength, solidity and direction. The hub represents Christ.

Joining the spokes to each other and to the hub is another circular band. This band represents our love of Christ for each one of us. It portrays our unity through baptism, our love for Christ and for each other; and our dependence on Him and on each other to make the wheel effective, efficient and trustworthy.

The star represents Our Lady, Star of the Sea. She watches over us, guides us and gives us comfort and well being throughout our lives.

The words “Centered in Christ” invite us to centre our lives in Christ. For it is only Through Him, With Him and In Him are we able to move, live and have our being. Our motto reminds us that only with Christ in our lives will all that we do have lasting meaning.