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Online Application – Nasese Campus

Corpus Christi Teachers College is a teacher training institution owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Suva. The College aims to prepare intelligent, matured and caring Catholic teachers who can nurture the spiritual lives of there students especially in there Catholic faith. Catholic teachers see their task as a vocation and therefore a part of the Church’s mission of evangelization. The program provide quality preparation to produce primary school teachers who are formed personally, spiritually and professionally. For the application to be considered, it must be fully completed. Giving a false statement is an offense.

    (A) Personal Details

    Gender* MaleFemale Marital Status* SingleMarriedLiving in a defacto relationship

    (As it appears on your birth certificate, a copy of which must be attached)

    (B) Educational Details

    Primary School(s) History

    Secondary School(s) History

    Examination Results

    (Year 12)

    (Year 13)

    Criteria for selection: A mark of 250 and a pass in English and Math in Year 13 OR a pass in 6 foundation courses from a recognized uni. Certified copies of Certificate must be attached. Students sitting Year 13 Examination in the current year MUST include their INDEX Number . The ORIGINAL or a CERTIFIED copy of the Year 13 result must be presented when required.

    (C) Spiritual Development (Please fill form)


    Did you take RE (Religious Education) classes in:

    YesNo YesNo

    (Attach a copy of your Baptism/Confirmation certificate(s)

    (D) Medical Details

    (In case of repeated illness, you must submit relevant information and be required to undergo a medical checkup at your expense)

    (E) Interest

    (Apostolic Group Membership, Hobbies and Talents etc)

    (F) Recommended/References

    You are required to submit references from the following persons in support of your application.

    (F) Recommended/References

    Candidates who make the final selection must present (a) medical and (b) police clearance forms on or before registration day