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Student Code of Conduct

Corpus Christi College students, as members of the academic community, are expected to accept and adhere to these high standards of personal conduct. Students are reminded of the agreement that they sign at enrollment ” I agree to abide by the regulations of the college and I acknowledge it is my responsibility to know and comply with these.

Students Shall :

1. Treat all members of the college community with courtesy, respect and dignity.

2. Comply with directions of college staff, acting in the performance of their duties.

3. Treat the college itself including buildings, grounds and furnishings with respect.

4. Respect the rights and property of other members of the community.

5. Fulfill their obligations through honest and independent effort and integrity in academic and personal conduct.

6. Accept responsibility for and the consequences of their actions and encourage responsible conduct in others.

7. Respect the prohibition of procession, consumption distribution and provison of controlled substances.

8. Abide by all published policies, including but not limited to, those that appear in the corpus Christi college handbook.

9. Refrain from tampering with fire safety equipment in college buildings and on campus ground.

10. Behave in a manner that does not intentionally or recklessly interfere with normal college sponsored activities , including but not limited to, studying, teaching, research, college administration, or fire, police or emergency services.

11. Refrain from behavior that intentionally or recklessly endangers, threatens or causes physical or emotional harm to any person, or that intentionally or recklessly causes reasonable apprehension of such harm.


The student code of conduct, as well as the guidelines outlining the adjudication of conduct related offences, applies to all Corpus Christi College students.