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Submission of Assignment

a] Assignments are to be handed in on time and must meet the detailed criteria provided.

b] The nature of submission of assignments is the prerogative of individual lecturers.

c] Work submitted should display professional quality in terms of spelling,grammar,punctuation and general presentation.

d] Unless otherwise specified,course assignments will be submitted on paper and should be typed on single pages using font 12 in Times New Roman,Arial or Calibri.

e] Electronic submissions should include the students name as part of the filename.

f] Ideas drawn from others and resources used are to be acknowledged and cited.

g] Assignments must be turned in no later than the end of the class ( or as specified ) on the date assignment is due.

h] If a student is not going to be able to make the deadline he/she must notify the lecturer in advance and a new due date must be negotiated.

I] If no prior arrangements are made or unless there is a doctors certificate, late assignments will not be accepted.

j] If any aspect of a students work( including assignments, attendance, participation etc. ) is not at an acceptable level, this will be communicated to the students either orally or in writing.

k] The communication will specify what the student must do to meet expectations ( e.g. revise and resubmit, do a supplementary assignment, demonstrate that he/she is able to meet the standard then a report will be submitted to the Academic committee.