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Student Progression

a] Enrollment in certain courses may be conditional upon a student passing specified prerequisite courses to ascertain entry levels for future progression.Any such requirements will be specified in the course outline.

b] To proceed from one year to the next a student must obtain for that year a GPA of 2.0 and have completed Teaching practice requirements.

c] A student who is excluded from the programme on the basis of unsatisfactory progress may apply to repeat failed courses on a part-time basis the following year during the semester in which courses are normally offered.

d] Any failure of a course must be referred to the Academic Committee to consider the possibility of a re-assessment by a suitably qualified second marker.

e] A first or second year student will be awarded RW in Semester 2 and will not be permitted to proceed to the next level, at the end of the year they owe money to the college for Non-payment of fees, library fines or failure to return college property. The RW results will stand until all depts. have being repaid.

f] A final year student will be awarded RW in all courses of that year and will not be permitted to graduate if, at the end of the year he/she remains indebted to the college.