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Attendance Requirements

a] To be eligible to graduate a student is required to attend lectures and participate in courses and college activities offered int he three year programme.

b] A student is required to at least attend 75% of all scheduled course. Failure to do so will result in a fail grade for the course.

c] Continued absence without any genuine reason is indicative of students attitude towards studies as less then serious. For this reason alone, studies could be terminated.

d] A student who takes leave of absence from a class for legitimate reason such as a death in the family ,personal illness, or trauma, is required to complete a leave of absence form in advance and have it approved by the Vice Principal.

e] A student who is unable to notify the Vice Principal in advance is required to complete a leave of absence form upon return and submit it. These are placed in the students personal file.

f] A student who is absent from class for more than a day through illness is required to attach a doctors certificate to the leave of absence form. A student who is absent from class for any reason is required to discuss the matter with the lecturer and the YC concerned. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate discussion. The lecturers / YC may require the student to carry out tasks needed to catch up with work that was missed.

g] Authorized absences which total more than 25% of scheduled class time will be reported by the lecturer concerned to the Dean. Action which may be taken by the Academic Committee includes termination of studies in the course resulting in failure; cessation without academic penalty of studies which may be resumed at another time ; or continuation of studies subject to satisfactory completion of additional tasks determined by the lectures.

h] Absence which exceeds 25% of scheduled class time will result in a Fail grade for the course.

I] A student who fails two or more courses will be suspended from the programme for one or more semesters or expelled.

j] Any such decision will be taken by the Principal in consultation with the Academic Committee and on the advice of the lecturers.

k] Consistent late arrival after 8am will be regarded as absence from class. A student who is late to class on three occasions in any course will be thereafter marked as absent. Attendance records are maintained by lecturers/year coordinators and submitted to the VP at the end of each week .

L] A student who is expelled under this section may apply to be re-admitted as a provisional enrollee twelve months after the expulsion takes effect. The student may be re-admitted only at the commencement of a semester. The students provisional status may be reviewed at the end of one semester of study should there be no repeat of the incidence of absenteeism.