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Assessment Details

I – Incomplete , RW – Result Withheld, NV – Null & Void – for dishonest practice.

a] The Academic Committee may request individual lecturers to modify the timing of their assessment requirements to ensure that participants have a reasonable and appropriate assessment load.

b] Incomplete grade is awarded to a student who has not completed the course requirement.

c] Non Graded Pass[NGP] will be awarded to a student wo is not able to complete the course assessment due to medical or compassionate reasons.

d] In considering application for a Non Graded Pass, factors such as course work, medical condition and any other exceptional circumstance beyond the control of the student will be taken into consideration.

e] To obtain a Non Graded Pass[NGP] a student must have obtained a B in coursework.

f] Result Withheld [RW] will be awarded to a student for disciplinary reasons, on payment of fees, library fines or failure to return College property.

g] The RW results will stand until all issues are addressed .A grade of Null and Void is granted for dishonest practice.