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Goals and Objectives

Have a look at what CCTC aims towards.

Corpus Christi Teachers College aims to:

  • Enrich the personal faith of the students through in-depth teaching of
    Catholic doctrine, Scripture and Liturgy
  • Provide opportunities for the integral development of the students’
    potentials through the use of available resources.
  • Establish opportunities for dialogue between students and staff.
  • Use all opportunities for students to work together as a team;
    communicating and sharing with and supporting each other.
  • Provide quality education through its Diploma in Primary Education and Certificate in Religious Education.
  • Maintain high academic standards.
  • Disseminate information and develop strategies for the promotion of
    Christian moral standards of self-discipline with regard to drugs and substance abuse, alcohol and sex.
  • Advocate respect for each other and all other members of the College
    community; for the property of others and the College.

Corpus Christi Teachers College is dedicated to:

  • Graduating competent and professionally trained primary school teachers with a Diploma in Primary Education and the Certificate in Religious Education.
  • Instilling in each student a sense of vocation in his/her ministry for the
    Church as a Catholic Teacher.
  • Providing a solid formation in Catholic Doctrine, Scripture and Liturgy and in the use of the skills and techniques in contemporary catechesis.
  • Cultivating and promoting the indigenous culture of the students including the vernacular and respect for the culture of others.
  • Fostering the talents of the students in creative arts; making provision for the release of imaginative energy and encouraging them to take risks in becoming innovative and stimulating teachers.
  • Nurturing in the student teachers a desire for further studies and ongoing formation.
  • Creating an environment for developing leadership skills.
  • Raising the students to an understanding of and a free commitment to the personal life-style the Church expects of her teachers.
  • Developing in the students a sincere love for all children without prejudice for their background, upbringing, race, creed, economic status and mental and physical health.
  • Providing the students with an introductory understanding of the Ministry of Education’s organizational structure, policies and management system.

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