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Early Childhood Education National Diploma Level 5[Vatuwaqa Campus]

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Information on the ECEC program

National Diploma (level 5) in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) program began in 2021 under the banner of Corpus Christi Teachers College.  It consists of 27 unit standards plus practicum at early childhood centers around the country.  The college is based at Marist Champagnat Institute and known as CCTC Vatuwaqa campus.

Skills and knowledge is taught in regards to children from birth to 8 year olds. Areas of learning include  children’s learning and development, observing and recording,  program planning, health, safety and wellbeing  (children and educators), policies, regulations, partnering with families and communities, Fiji ECE curriculum, theories, inclusive education, e-learning, finance education, ethics, behaviour management, first aid, setting up, cultural diversity,

The program’s director and part time lecturer is Br Fergus Garrett and Ms Renu Kishore is the tutor.  It is a one year full time program in trimesters similar to the school terms.  Initially, students need to pass  the assessment to ensures a place at the college..

Upon completion, students register as a license teacher and work at centers around the country.