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Integral Formation

Education and Training

  • A student is responsible for his/her participation in the teacher training course in relation to lesson plans, files, teaching aids, blackboard work, assignments and research associated with these activities that must be completed to the required standard and submitted on the due dates.
  • A student accepts constructive criticism and advice for his/her own personal improvement.


  • Shows responsibility and care in the use of Library resources, textbooks, reading materials and facilities
  • accepts and carries out responsibilities given to him/her during official and unofficial hours
  • Performs his/her allocated tasks to the best of his/her ability.
  • Is not permitted to be involved in any paid employment during a tenure of three years scholarship.
  • Or a group of students are not permitted to raise funds inside or outside of the college
  • Or a group of students are not permitted to organize any activity that will benefit only a few in the college community.


  • A student should be punctual to lectures, church services, meals, meetings and other activities organized by the College.

Behavior and Personal Qualities

  • Must behave in such a manner that is acceptable and in harmony with the College values
  • Shows respect for the language, custom and culture of other people in the community
  • Tries to live a life-style the Church expects of a Catholic teacher
  • Tries to maintain moral standards, which indicate a sincere vocation and suitability to be a Catholic teacher
  • Is a man/woman of integrity and shows a high standard of conduct in all matters of honesty and truthfulness.

Formation Maturity

  • A student teacher is expected to have developed a sense of responsibility towards a total development to studies, to carrying out assigned duties and adhering to the College rules.

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