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Campus Accommodation

CCTC provides accommodation on Campus and students from island and rural parishes will be given the first chances.

There are thirty single rooms in each of the men’s and women’s hostels with each hostel housing communal restroom facilities and a recreation room with television. Each room is provided with a bed and mattress, a study table and chair and a wardrobe. Students are expected to provide their own personal belongings such as mosquito nets, bed linen, pillows, mats, window curtains, sasa broom, cane knife and eating utensils. There are rules governing life in the hostel and students sign an agreement on entering College.

Some of the rules include:

  • Visitors are not allowed In the Hostels
  • Visitors must seek permission from the Hostel Co-coordinator to meet the student either in the Dining Hall or College Hall
  • Eating is forbidden in the Hostel except with the permission of the Hostel Co- coordinator
  • Noise must be kept at a minimum level at all times especially during social and weekends.

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