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Goals & Objectives

Enrich the personal faith of the students through in-depth teaching of Catholic doctrine, Scripture and Liturgy
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Our Mission

The Mission of the Catholic Church is evangelization according to the mandate given by Jesus who instructed His disciples to go out to the entire world and tell the Good News. (Mark 16:15)
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Our Vision

Corpus Christi Teachers College is a faith community centred in Christ and inspired by the values of the Gospel in a spirit of cooperation where students are prepared spiritually and professionally to teach Primary school children in our modern-day society

Know our Courses

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CE121 Creative and Expressive Arts I
CS111 Computer Literacy
ED111 Teaching and Classroom Management I
ED232 Teaching and Classroom Management II
HP121 Healthy Living and Physical Education I
HP232 Healthy Living and Physical Education II
HP363 Healthy Living and Physical Education III
LL234 Fijian Language and Literacy I
LL355 Fijian Language and Literacy II
ME111 Mathematics Education I
ME232 Mathematics Education II
ME363 Mathematics Education III
SC121 Science Education I
SC242 Science Education II
SC353 Science Education III
SS121 Social Education I
SS232 Social Education II
SS363 Social Education III

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Corpus Christi Teachers College
Corpus Christi Teachers College
Why Choose Us

Bringing Excellence To Students

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Behavior and Personal Qualities

Corpus Christi Teachers College
Why Choose Us

Let’s Get Started Your Career With Corpus Christi Teachers College

What Student Says

Student’s Testimonials

"Year Enrolled 2014 I chose CCTC, first of all it's a Catholic institution, to deepen my faith and to teach our young Catholic children about our faith." Now teaching at Nadalei catholic primary school.


Sr.Birisita Bibi


Enrolled in 2011. "I chose Corpus because it was the first the first Institution that accepted my application and selected me. This institution forms holistic teachers. I wanted to learn more about Catholicism. Vinaka Vakalevu" Now Teaching at Holy Family Primary School.


Mr.Vinal Chandra


“I chose CCTC, first of all it's a Catholic institution, to deepen my faith and to teach our young Catholic children about our faith" Birisita Agnes Bibi, Nadelei Catholic School


Sr.Birisita Bibi


"I'm After finishing Year 13, I joined Corpus Christi Teachers College and was fortunate to be offered a PSC Scholarship back then before it became TELS. 3 years at College, gave me a great experience of independency, learning to uphold my spiritual and social life and most of all in becoming a Primary teacher. There were challenges along the way with meeting assignment deadlines and peer pressure but that gave me the strength and confidence to be consistent and committed in life. I am currently teaching in a private school known as Kidsfirst Primary in the Nadi Centre. Corpus Christi Teachers College have greatly helped me in my career. The holistic education that I went through there from learning things that will help me educationally, mentally, physically, spiritually and socially."


Sera Luveniyali